Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Of Lav

So, our beloved fifths have left. The farewell went off rather well, though a tray and probably a bigger knife would have helped. And getting the office door opened.

But I digress. As the fifths are gone *sigh* we shall no longer be getting long lists of professorial quotes and various mishaps from Rimi to giggle at. I think we should start a tradition of posting quotes. For now, though, I give you: The Antics of Lav Kanoi:

Lav Kanoi (on the phone):CCB marks came out.

Rhea Silvia (yes, I shall refer to myself in the third person): Yeah, Rukmini messaged me. These are the ones that were up in our class, right?

LK: Yes. They're up on the notice-board in the corridor now. *pauses* Guess what, there was no heading for the course. *lowers voice* Secret. * at normal volume* And there were two/three names heading the list that don't belong to our class.

RS: Uh. *mildly amused* You do know there are people from Comp. Lit. who have this as an E.D. right?

LK: *ominous silence* Oh, shit. Oh, crap.

RS: *beginning to panic* You didn't, by any chance, scratch them out, did you?

LK: Uh. Um.

RS: OMG. You're dead. You're so screwed.

LK: Uhm, well...How about we don't inform anybody?

RS: Go apologise to Amlanda immediately.

LK: I think I'll call Rukmini first. She was present at the scene of the crime.

The next day, I sms him, asking how the apology went.

LK: (again on the phone): I didn't call Amlanda. I wrote out a note, apologising and stuck it below the notice.

RS: Weren't you at home when you called me?

LK: Yes. I went back to Uni. afterwards.

RS: Oh. Well, your level of dead-ness is less then.

LK: Well, actually, Amlanda might be annoyed because I stuck it on the notice itself. It's not covering anything, but...Or Supriyadi might be annoyed and then Amlanda would be annoyed. Not that I'm saying Amlanda does everything Supriyadi tells him to...


All this, btw, a day after he flopped down on the field behind KMR at high noon and then gathered about half-a-dozen engineering boys in a circle around him, all asking him to first sit up, and then move into the shade. Which, being Lav Kanoi, he refused to do.


rukmini said...

When he called me, I gave him the idea of writing the note of apology and pinning it up beside the marksheet. And I wasn't present at the "scene of the crime". Amlanda gave the marksheet to me, to put up on the notice board, which is when I called Lav and informed him. He came to University, and did all that AFTER I had left. But anyway, like I keep saying...
"How do you solve a problem like LK?"

the soliloquist said...

He actually scratched out those names?

Rhea Silvia said...

That makes more sense.

@the soliloquist,
Well, duh.