Thursday, 24 June 2010


It is unfair to be made to feel out-of-place/superfluous/unwanted in a place you love, which you've proven yourself integrally a part of, which it would hurt you to leave.

But it is, perhaps, a reminder of the fact that it hasn't been all good, even when you're all brimming with nostalgia and bedecked with rose-tinted glasses/binoculars/telescopes/magnifying-glasses/what-have-you.

Yes, you still love the people you loved one/two/three/five years ago; it still feels amazing to be remembered.

Thirty-wo 'I'm' texts need not be from teeth.

Sophi. mashimas attempting to flirt is creepy as hell.

Bawal chai, bawal dao.

Aristotle was a blind man/scientist who invented the periodic table/Greek all-rounder.


the Lonestar said...

...and Sukumar Roy was a "kid-lover". Uff, ki brilliant piece of writing; would love to read that answer script! :D

Rhea Silvia said...

who wrote kid-poetry, let us not forget.