Wednesday, 30 June 2010

you can never go back home

or to school, as the case might be. It will seem familiar and taunt you with missing teachers, absent mentors, red-tape complications, and unfamiliar, screaming juniors. It will suck and you will decide to never return, and then realise you made that promise the last time you visited.

However, since you will, like as not, end up stuffing your face with pan-fried momos, life is not all bad.

Especially if friends treat you to KFC ice-cream, and you realise a book you want is available for an extremely reasonable sum.


Monidipa said...

Hahahahahahaha don't tell them! Ebaar shobai chaibe!

Rhea Silvia said...

I didn't tell them who it was, no?

CheshireCat said...

Good day, that. :)
Except for the school bit.

Rhea Silvia said...

I'm pretending we started with T.D. Makes everything better.